Knightly Newscast 10/31/14

Knightly Newscast 10/31/14


Knightly News is a student broadcast at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Survive Your Biggest Indulgences This Halloween

Assorted Halloween Candy

Keep this season’s cravings under control 

Do you ever get an urge to eat something sweet?  Well this Halloween, you may want to think twice about over indulging on candy. The fall season is here and with that comes a tendency to over eat our favorite fatty foods.

“I never really notice till I get to the end of the bowl and I’m like ‘awe man its gone.’ I buy a bunch of it and I say that I’m gonna give it out to kids but I usually just end up eating it all throughout the month I buy as much of [...] Continue Reading…

Webcast 10/30/14

Webcast 10/30/14


Knightly News reporter Camila Uribe talks about the bond buying halt, the World Series, and a quick tip for the Halloween weekend.

Webcast 10/29/2014

Webcast 10/29/2014

Allyson Henning covers John Goodman’s conviction, UCF woman’s soccer, and Tacko Fall’s commitment to UCF basketball

DUI Arrests Increasing Around Campus

Officer Peter Stephens, UCF PD

UCF organizations are working together to educate students on the dangers of drinking and driving

Every year drunk driving kills people. Because of the dangers of DUI’s, UCF organizations have come together to bring SIDNE to students. The Simulated Impaired Driving Experience (SIDNE) delivers hands on lessons about the misuse and abuse of alcohol and the dangers of distracted driving. While driving, students find difficulties steering, accelerating and breaking with the impaired function on.

Albert Lewis, UCF Student

“When it threw me in the drunk driving mode it was like a whole different experience… it was enough [...] Continue Reading…

UCF Police Officer Breaks New Ground

Courtesy of UCF

Police Chief Richard Beary first campus chief to be sworn in as president of international police organization 

On Tuesday, October 28th, UCF Police Chief Richard Beary was sworn in as president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Officer Beary is the first president of IACP to be from a university or college law enforcement agency.

“It is a great honor to have the 2015 International Association of Chiefs of Police President as our very own Chief Beary,” Officer Stephens said. “His overall dedication to law enforcement as a whole has been outstanding and with this position; he achieves the pinnacle [...] Continue Reading…

Webcast 10/28/14


Natalie Cabieses discusses today’s weather, events on campus, and UCF’s upgrade to faster internet.

Webcast 10/27/14

Webcast 10/27/2014

Arnold Godoy covers Ebola executive order from governor, gas prices, and UCF sports.