UCF’s O’Dang Hummus CEO Could Become a “Dillionare” Soon

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The Student Union was filled with supportive faculty, hungry students, proud alumni and the smell of dill-flavored hummus as the crowd waited to see UCF business management senior and CEO of O’Dang Hummus, Jesse Wolfe, take a dip with the sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank” Friday night. Wolfe’s hummus wasn’t the only thing that spiced up the evening. The crowd […]

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CREOL Receives $5.87 Million Research Contract for International Fiber Laser Program

UCF and the College of Optics and Photonics received a research contract worth $5.87 million on Sept. 18 from the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Martin Richardson, a UCF professor and optics researcher, received the contract for his research team at UCF to start development on new concepts for high-power fiber lasers. Professors Lawrence Shah, Axel Schülzgen and […]

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Student Union to host Shark Tank Viewing Party for UCF’s Jesse Wolfe

Jesse Wolfe, a UCF business student with a knack for making hummus with humorous flavors like “Caesar the Day,” will be on ABC’s hit entrepreneurial TV show pitching his company, O’Dang Hummus, to hungry sharks on Friday. The College of Business will host a viewing party in the Student Union lobby area for UCF’s Jesse Wolfe on Friday. The event […]

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