RSO’s to Bring Black History Month to UCF

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The Multicultural Student Center, in collaboration with various Registered Student Organizations, are planning events to celebrate Black History Month at UCF

It isn’t a little known fact that Black History Month is celebrated during February. Each year, in honor of the widely-recognized month, the Multicultural Student Center puts together a committee to plan events in effort to celebrate with the UCF community. The MSC formed a committee with a number of UCF RSO’s and began planning the calendar of events as early as October. The festivities kick off on Monday, February second at the opening event where the month’s theme will be revealed.

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Concealed Carry on College Campuses?

Gabriella Rincon, UCF Freshman

Concealed weapons on Florida college campuses might have a shot at reality

House Bill 4005 received support from members from the House of Representatives’ Criminal Justice Subcommittee last Tuesday. Political parties were split down the middle on the vote, with Republicans voting eight and Democrats voting four.

As of right now, the only place students can have a gun on campus is locked and secured in a car. However, if this bill is passed it would allow students 21 and older with valid permits to carry guns on public universities and colleges.

Laura Capps, UCF Junior

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Video Gaming is Becoming a Career

Gamecube Controller

Students are making money staying at home playing video games.
Remember when your mom used to tell you that video games were for kids? Well, she might have been wrong. According to the, video games will be the fastest-growing form of media over the next few years.
So who plays video games the most, and was mom right when she said it was for kids? According to Nathan Snow, a PhD. candidate in digital media who teaches the “Evolution of Gaming” at UCF, the average gamer is in their mid-30s.

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UCF Police Investigating Armed Robbery

Parking Lot B12 Near Libra Garage

Crime occurred on campus late Wednesday night.

UCF Police are searching for multiple suspects in an armed robbery on the UCF Campus.

The victim told police the men approached her and implied they had a weapon. Investigators say the men were at the B12/B13 parking lots near the Water Tower and Libra Garage. She gave the suspects her purse before they took off in a loud vehicle.

Parking Lot B13

Police say the male suspects wore grey sweatpants and black hoodies.

Omran Hashim, a senior at UCF, says he was unaware of the crime but plans to talk to his friends about how they can […] Continue Reading…

Women Make Better CEOs


Christina Sarrubi is a UCF senior who majors in Event Management with a minor in Business Administration.

Study shows female CEOs have better results.

Data found by Mintigo, a data science company that specializes in a predictive marking platform, shows that large companies should look to hire female CEOs. The study shows that male CEOs bring in higher revenue per employee in companies that have up to 1,000 employees or less.

For companies with more than 1,000 employees, female CEOs obtained up to 18 percent higher revenue per employee than their male CEO counterparts. The numbers released by Mintigo were based off […] Continue Reading…

Human Trafficking and the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is days away, and for some young women, so is a nightmare.

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Human trafficking is the buying and selling of human beings as slaves.

Florida Abolitionist and Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force hosted the Greater Orlando 7th Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 24, 2015 at Lake Eola Park. This is the largest anti-human trafficking event in Central Florida and is a community wide effort to address modern-day slavery and the exploitation of children. The event included tents from governmental & non-governmental organizations, fair trade businesses, abolitionists, advocates, artist […] Continue Reading…