Sports Auction: Knights give back to UCF family

Courtesy: Kristen Weaver Photography

UCF Athletics and several Knights in the NFL are supporting a former cheerleader and her husband

It was a parent’s worst nightmare.

“We were playing in her little playpen, my husband, my mom and I, and then all of the sudden she took a couple steps towards me and just collapsed,” said Anne-Marie Wurzel. “She was just moaning and not looking at us and her body was totally limp. Nobody knew what had happened.”

Former UCF cheerleader Anne-Marie Wurzel and her husband Rob Wurzel (also a UCF alum) rushed their daughter Reagan to the hospital back in April. There, they found out [...] Continue Reading…

Knightly News Webcast 9/30/14

Knightly News Webcast 9/30/14









Knightly News is a student broadcast at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.












































Knights Begin Conference Play

Coach O'Leary says his team is looking forward to conference play
Courtesy UCF

The UCF football team heads to Houston this week.
The Knights probably envisioned their football season getting off to a better start. But after losing the first two games, the football team finally went on to win against Bethune-Cookman University 41-7 in the team’s home opener. This week, the Knights begin conference play as they square off against the Houston Cougars on Thursday.

“We have one goal with the team, and that’s to win the conference championship,” George O’Leary said in his Monday press conference.

With any hopes of making the College Football Playoffs this season almost all but dashed, the head coach that his team [...] Continue Reading…

More Downtown Plans Released for UCF

President Hitt spoke about UCF's expansion in his Address
Courtesy UCF

President Hitt revealed more details for plans of a Downtown UCF campus this week. 

President John C. Hitt made his annual State of the University Address this week. He spoke to a packed Pegasus Ballroom in the UCF Union on Wednesday afternoon. He discussed topics ranging from new faculty hires to increased revenue from the athletics department. The highlight of his speech, however, was the new specifics for the proposed Downtown Orlando campus.

Last spring President Hitt announced that UCF officials planned to expand with a campus in Downtown Orlando about 15 miles west of the main campus. After allocating about $2 million [...] Continue Reading…

UCF Drug Take Back Disposes Properly

UCF is holding its fifth annual drug take back event on campus today. 

Courtesy UCF Health Center

Students, faculty, and staff can properly dispose of their unused or expired prescription drugs from 10- 2pm at the John T. Washington Center.  The UCF Police Department will be out there  to collect the drugs and properly store them until Saturday, September 27th, the DEA’s National Prescription Drug Take Back-Day.

Courtesy UCF Health Center

The drop off is completely anonymous and officials will take most drugs.  Only needles and illegal drug paraphernalia will not be accepted. UCF officials say [...] Continue Reading…

Train Could Connect Airport to Convention Center

The Orlando International Airport is near State Road 528

Privately-funded Maglev train aims to carry business travelers 

It’s an idea that has been tossed around in Orlando since the late 1980′s – a magnetic-levitating train to carry business travelers and tourists from the airport to their desired destination.  But so far, nothing has materialized.

Atlanta-based American Maglev Technologies’ CEO Tony Morris hopes to change that as soon as next year.  His company’s plan is to connect Orlando International Airport to the Orange County Convention Center using a train that will float above its tracks.

However, the company has yet [...] Continue Reading…