NCAA Case Can Lead to Student-Athletes at Top 10 Conference Schools Getting Paid

Following the ruling for the Ed O’Bannon case, a federal judge made it clear the the National Collegiate Athletic Association should be paying student-athletes.

The college sports world  has been taken by storm over the past few weeks after the O’Bannon case received a ruling.  NCAA officials say Judge Claudia Wilken delivered a ruling that stated the current rules that stop athletes from making money from the use of their names or images in any form of entertainment is well outdated.  This ruling would allow football players in the top 10 conferences to start trust funds for their football layers adn

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Pegasus Palooza Kicks Off School Year for UCF Students

UCF’s first year experience event gives students a taste of what the university has to offer.

Knight Rave 2013

The University of Central Florida kicked off its official Welcome Week on Saturday, August 16th, 2014.  Pegasus Palooza is a week full of fun activities for UCF students to get socially and academically involved. With events happening throughout the week, the welcome week gives new and old students an opportunity to meet other people and find their niche on campus.

UCF’s Pegasus Palooza is from August 16-August 23.


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New UCF Policy Determines Financial Aid

Homework in the first week of school just became more important for students at the University of Central Florida

UCF student completing assignment

Starting Fall 2014, UCF officials are implementing a new policy that may delay financial aid disbursement for students.

In an email, Associate Vice President for Financial Aid at UCF Dr. Gordon Chavis said, “The new process was implemented, because UCF was found to be non-compliant with federal regulations governing federal student financial aid.”

These regulations state that students who receive this aid must be academically engaged in each course in which they are enrolled. Chavis explained [...] Continue Reading…

Friends of ISIS captive Sotloff speak out admiringly of his talent, passion

By Brian Stelter and AnneClaire Stapleton, CNN @anneclaireCNN

(CNN) — When freelance journalist Steven Sotloff disappeared during a reporting trip to Syria in August 2013, his family kept the news a secret. Families of hostages are frequently advised to do this by security firms, and news organizations are sometimes willing to cooperate.

But Sotloff’s abduction is now international news. Sotloff is seen at the end of a video published on Tuesday by the Islamic extremist group ISIS. After another journalist, James Foley, is shown with his head cut off, the video’s narrator indicates that Sotloff will be killed if President Barack [...] Continue Reading…

Steven Sotloff: Former roommate speaks out on ISIL video


Emerson Lotzia said Sotloff was a fearless journalist and a great friend.

American journalist and former UCF student Steven Sotloff is being held hostage by ISIL, an Islamic extremist group. ISIL released  a video titled “A Message to America” which first showed the beheading of American journalist James Foley before threatening Sotloff’s life. On Wednesday, National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said, “We have reached the judgment that this video is authentic.”

“I refuse to watch the video,” said Emerson Lotzia, Sotloff’s former roommate at UCF. “But a friend messaged me a still [photo] from the end of the video when Steve makes an appearance.”

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ISIL video threatens the life of former UCF student


Former UCF student Steven Joel Sotloff is seen at the end of an ISIL video. The video titled “A Message to America” was released last night shows the terrorist organization ISIL beheading American journalist  James Foley. US Intelligence agencies have confirmed that the video is authentic.

Knightly News reporters have contacted the family and Sotloff’s sister, Lauren Sotloff, sent a petition that she is urging others to sign. The petition states, “Steven Sotloff is an American citizen and reporter with Time magazine who is believed to have gone missing in August of 2013.Today, on August 19, 2014 it was revealed that Steven [...] Continue Reading…

La Salud en la Comunidad Hispana

La salud es una parte muy importante de nuestras vidas diarias. Como latinos, es necesario cuidar la salud diariamente. Cuando estamos jóvenes tenemos tendencia a no prestar atención a nuestra salud por que lo tomamos como algo garantizado. Estudios han demostrado que la salud de un ser humano empieza realmente desde meses antes que la madre quede embarazada.
Según recientes estadísticas dadas por Florida CHARTS, la comunidad hispana ocupa segundo lugar en mortandad infantil, siendo el primer lugar la comunidad Afro-Americana. Quienes actúan mas responsablemente al respecto son los Caucasicos. Mirna Chamorro, portavoz del departamento de los condados Orange y Seminole, [...] Continue Reading…

SunRail aims to overcome previous commuter-rail shortcomings

The SunRail train at Church Street Station in downtown Orlando

Many residents in Central Florida have to fight traffic on I-4 every day on their way to and from work. But that is about to change with the opening of SunRail next month. The train will run from Sand Lake Road near the Florida Mall in Orlando north to Debary in Volusia County, offering an alternative to the interstate.

Orlando resident Hal Warren lives and works in downtown Orlando, and is excited about the opening of SunRail.

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